AstroFlora   - Logo, in-game art, game design.
   Little Alchemy 2   - Promotional Artwork
   Little Alchemy 2   - Original Soundtrack Cover Art
   Forest Walk   - Title and several illustrative in-game assets. 
   Succulents   - Logo.
   Succulents   - In-game plant assets and game design.
   WitchWay   - Tribute art.
   Shrubnaut   - Title card (tribute to  Titan Souls ). Type design by  Andrew Gleeson .
   Shrubnaut   - Alternate title card (tribute to  FEZ ). Type design by  Andrew Gleeson .
   Midnight Rendezvous   - In-game art and game design.
   Kowawa Kare   - Mockup for in-game art.   
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